Benefits of choosing deep tissue massage Fort Collins

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Deep Tissue Massage is simply the manipulation of the deep layers of the body tissues. These tissues include fascia and some other supportive tissues that unite to make the joints and the muscles. Unlike the acupressure and the Swedish massage, the deep Tissue Massage Fort Collins is usually firmer and slower.

In this massage, the person lays down on the back or the stomach and the expert therapist put a deep pressure on the targeted parts of the body. This massage is the best as it stimulates the flow of blood and releases the muscle tension. In the same time, it lowers the psychological stress by releasing good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin.

Benefits of opting deep tissue massage Fort Collins

No matter what type of massage you opt, you will definitely have its benefits later or sooner. Just like all other types of massage, the deep tissue massage Fort Collins has its own value, importance and benefits. Some of these benefits are as under:

  • Treats the Back Pain – According to the previous results of the deep tissue massage, the expert found that this type of massage is the best in treating the back pain. As compared to the therapeutic massage, you will get better and amazing results with this massage. You will need the deep tissue massage for only 10 days to get the desired results.
  • Lowers the High BP – The gentle and deep tissue massage to the body over the period of 45 to 60 minutes will lower the high blood pressure. The results of the massage will show you the reduced systolic pressure by 10.4 mm/hg, the reduced diastolic pressure by 5.3 mm/hg, the reduced arterial pressure by 7.0 mm/hg and the reduced heart beat by 10.8 mm/hg.
  • Lowers Anxiety, stress and muscle Tension – Muscle tension and the chronic stress causes inflammation that may lead to lower the health condition, the reduction in the immune function, enlarge the recovery time and cause many other problems like the high blood pressure. According to the research, the deep tissue massage can lower the cortisol level and also boost up the hormone production like the oxytocin.
  • Breakdown the Scar Tissues – Deep tissue massage help you to reduce the recovery time and breaks down the scar tissues. Scar tissues creates stiffness in the body and makes the recovery difficult for the body. The regular deep tissue massage will help the body to stimulate the flow of blood, loosen the muscles, and reduce the nervous system that may lead to the reduction of muscle spasm and inflammation.
  • Improves the Performance – Deep tissue massage is also helpful improving the performance and the athletic recovery of the body. If you go for the Deep tissue massage after regular time intervals then you can definitely improve the body fitness.
  • Helps in delivery process – It is a fact that the pregnant ladies can now move towards the natural birth process. Many researches show that the regular practicing the massage can help the ladies to reduce the labor pain. Pregnancy can also cause the depression, back pain, anxiety and leg pain. Deep tissue massage also deals with all these issues during pregnancy.

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