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The number of relationships that end in divorce is staggering throughout the United States. Fort Collins is no different,and a high percentage of marriages fail.

However, there is a high percentage of people who will fight to make a relationship work and try to correct the areas where there are problems.


What Causes the Need for Relationship Counseling in Fort Collins?


The need for Fort Collins relationship counseling can come from any area of life imaginable.

From what appears to be a minor irritation can explode into something more dramatic if couples have friction between them or their communication has broken down.

Some issues which can be a cause of problems in a relationship are as follows:



  • Infidelity, cheating or online relationships
  • Anger, fighting, arguing
  • Breakdown in Communication
  • Sexually issues related
  • Substance abuse, alcohol or gambling
  • Money and financial decisions causing arguments
  • Conflict over parenting and how to raise or discipline children
  • Outside family issues causing friction
  • Divorce or separation is already in motion
  • Domestic violence


These are some of the most common though there can be many more avenues that lead to couples seeking Fort Collins relationship therapy.


My Partner Won’t Participate

This can happen if one partner has instigated the counseling without consulting their partner. If your partner is unwilling to attend a session, and either in the same room or as a one-to-one with one of our skilled relationship therapists you can still come.


Even if you attend alone, our therapists will take this into consideration,and you can still find solutions that will help you in the relationship once you have given your side of the story.


Our skilled therapists have encountered this scenario many times over the years and have found that when only one half of the couple comes, there can be an improvement in the relationship. The partner who first refused to attend can see the progression and then decides to partake if they are serious about their relationship.


Marriage Counseling Of Fort Collins therapists are sympathetic to all relationship counseling and have encountered any scenario which makes Fort Collins couples seek the assistance of us. All it takes to start the ball rolling is a confidential call to schedule your first meeting.


Once our expert therapists get to know a little of your situation, it doesn’t take them long to be able to offer advice or be thesympathetic shoulder you need to lean on.