Premarital Counseling Fort Collins

Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling is a specialized form of couples therapy and is usually administered by marriage and family therapists where it has been shown to offer benefits to couples who have been considering marriage and other long-term commitments. The ultimate goal for Premarital Counseling is to identify and locate any conflicts that may arise early in the relationship. With any conflicts being highlighted, both of the partners can be taught of how best to resolve these.

Premarital Counseling Benefits

Intimate partners who attend couples counseling can resolve concerns which arise during their relationship, but Premarital Counseling will highlight key areas which may cause conflict later, these can include:

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  • Finances and money
  • Career goals for both partners
  • Family dynamics
  • Methods of raising children

Studies have been conducted which show, couples therapy in the form of Premarital Counseling can help reduce divorce by 31% compared to couples who have had no Premarital Counseling.

“We told our parents they had nothing to worry about. Trevor and I were made for each other. To set their minds at ease we went to Marriage Counseling Of Fort Collins. Our parents feel happier, and Trevor and I are even closer and looking forward to our big day.”

- Trevor and Bell (Primm)

Where Can We find Premarital Counseling?

Marriage and family therapists who are licensed along with Family Counseling Therapists normally provide Premarital Counseling as an addition to the other services in their practice. It is also possible for partners who are intimate, to seek the services of a therapist who offers to counseling of this nature, or they can attend group therapy sessions and workshops that can be part of a community program.

There are also many self-help books and DVD’s available, although it is highly recommended to attend Premarital Counseling as this can save a lot of time and misunderstanding.

Premarital Counseling In Fort Collins

Premarital Counseling Challenges

It can be a challenge for couples attending Premarital Counseling as some individuals may not like the thought of speaking to a therapist or they could feel anxiety and fear over issues that may arise, much of this can arise as difficult topics and areas of concern may be raised in the couples therapy sessions. for many couples, it could also be the first time they have ever spoken about any individual values, partnership roles, and individual beliefs for the first time.

These therapy sessions can offer a space where the partners can feel comfortable discussing any concerns, yet if they hear their partner discussing their opinions it may stir up a few emotions or hurt feelings and create conflict. Although this may be short-term conflict, it can be worked through and with the assistance of a therapist can be a good base for the couples to build upon.

Premarital Counseling Session Expectations

The way Premarital Counseling is conducted can vary between therapists, and some may wish to speak to each partner without the other being present for one or two sessions, yet others may wish to work all the way through with the couple being together.

By the couple attending individual sessions they have the chance to speak more freely and be open about their long-term goals for the relationship, they also have the chance to give their point of view of their ideal marriage and what steps they can foresee that need to be taken to achieve this.

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Once the couples are in a therapy session together, they can together develop a plan with the therapist’s assistance which can be utilized to combat any issues that may arise further into their relationship.

Just by attending Premarital Counseling Sessions can give positive results for couples entering into marriage, as they have shown commitment to each other and are in a position to strengthen and improve the relationship.