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Work and Career Issues

During adulthood people spend up to one-third of their lives at work, this can cause many work and career issues for a multitude of different reasons and can lead to stress in a number of people.

Due to different personal characteristics, it is nearly impossible for a workplace to have people that work together without some form of conflict, much of which stems from different roles, job expectations, a clash of personalities and workplace bullying.

This tension in the workplace, unfortunately, manifests itself and can lead to many psychological symptoms that are all negative. Much research has been conducted and shows workplace stress is closely linked to cases of anxiety and depression. Many workers could find, if they spoke to a local health professional who is trained in such matters, their problems and anxieties could be minimized.

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Common Work and Career Issues

Many common issues which are faced in the workplace are:

  • Problems in Communication
  • Company Gossip
  • Interpersonal Conflicts
  • Work Performance Issues
  • Job Satisfaction & Low Motivation
  • Harassment & Bullying
  • Discrimination (Sexual & Racial)

Workplaces become environments which many people of varying races, nationalities, communication styles and overall views on the world come together in a small area, these varying differences are a potential source of the most common work and career issues. Every employee by right has the chance to be fairly treated and feel safe in their workplace, yet, there are many who face discrimination, harassment, and bullying. The LGBT community is one such group who in the workplace are relatively unprotected by nondiscrimination policies.

There are also the employees who have a complete job or career dissatisfaction, and find their job performance, as a result, is below par.

As a result of this issues, there can be decreased productivity and performance, and job termination which can ultimately result in stress and the onset of mental health issues. There are also many cases of harassment within the workplace, and these normally result in legal problems for all concerned.

“I had a problem thinking I was being discriminated against. After speaking to a really nice therapist at Marriage Counseling Of Fort Collins. I found I was my own worst enemy. I wasn’t being discriminated against, I just had a fear of failing and was looking for an excuse. Onward and Upward!!”

- H Hughes (Fort Collins)

Highly Stressful Jobs or Careers

There are many positions which exert high amounts of stress on employees, one theory exists which is known as JDC (job demand-control) model where work stress and high demands, yet with little control of the working conditions. Some of the most common jobs/ careers which fall into this category are Airline pilot, firefighter, police officers, and event coordinators. It has also been shown positions such as teachers, administrative support workers, and health care workers etc. can have increased amounts of work related stress.

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Workplace Issues and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be helpful in many ways in the resolution of workplace issues. This therapy can help treat mental health symptoms, anxiety and depression which are results of issues which stem from the workplace.

Work-related stress can be managed by coping skills which a therapist can teach, such as cognitive behavioral therapy which assists workers to identify and eliminate any unhealthy thoughts, this can show a better mood and an increased feeling of well-being. There are other forms of treatments such as meditation and mindfulness and other various stress management exercises which can be taught in psychotherapy, these can also improve one’s communication skills and the ability to diffuse workplace conflicts.

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Mental Health Issues and Your Employer

Disclosing mental health issues to an employer can be difficult decisions, yet employers are prohibited from firing an employee, who has a mental health issue, as long as they can perform their work duties. It is for reasons of a negative nature like, none promotion or receiving different treatment that prevents employees from disclosing their issues, even if they could receive additional support.